Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Generals Redefined! + Free-for-a-day!

Generals has reinvented itself. What's new in version 1.8?
  • Generals FREE is now multiplayer enabled! Play unlimited Blitz games ("real-time" games where it pays to stay logged in - although you can reconnect if you're dropped) and up to 5 Push games at once!
  • Play up to 50 push games at once in Generals!
  • Many minor fixes and improvements that make the game more playable. For instance, armies are hidden until everyone has placed them (makes sense!) and a game log lets you know what happened while you were logged in.
Here are some of the 5-star reviews we've been getting:

"Great adaptation of a certain other game, with just as much fun and gameplay"

"Amazing. This is just as good as Words with Friends, except instead of Scrabble, it's Risk. Huge improvement with the last update. Online multiplayer and push notifications when it's your turn. Awesome!"

"Excellent game. Though an easier way to setup a push game with friends is needed."

"Bugs fixed in this version. :)"

To celebrate the release of Generals version 1.8, we're happy to announce our plans to go free-for-a-day with www.appventcalendar.com on Sunday, December 19th! Happy AppVenting!

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  1. Dixon55 and ChrisMDixon is same person playing team games. So yes he is cheating. If anybody here cares about idiots like this who completely ruin the game.