Thursday, May 27, 2010

What have we been up to?

Time to update the blog... really! It's been a while and a lot has happened.

Generals is now on the third update - the latest version is 1.101 (building on 1.0, 1.05). We've fixed a number of issues in the initial release and added some new features. Here's a quick recap of some of the new features:
  • Single player game progress is now saved when Generals is closed! You no longer have to worry about losing your place in the single player game when you get that phone call or text message.
  • Added some stats to the lobby screen, including: the number of players online; the number of games in progress, and the number of players in the lobby.
  • Re-tooled territory selection to make it easier.
  • Added some new sound customization settings.
  • Re-tooled the redeem cards logic and got rid of the sliding tabs (replaced by a single bar in the bottom right hand corner of the map screen).
  • Many minor (and more major) issue fixes, including better memory management for a more stable game!
Many thanks to all of you who have given us glowing reviews in the app store. For those of you that mentioned areas of possible improvement we thank you too! Please "stay tuned" because the show's only just starting and many of the features requested are on their way!

Speaking of reviews, feel free to check out our latest review from the good people at appVersity! They were kind enough to give Generals an A for "Amazing". And they couldn't have put it better:

Lead your army to world domination with one of the best strategy games to grace your iDevice yet: Generals – Online Global Conquest. Generals is a near flawless Risk clone that does everything Lux does, but better. Throw in online multiplayer and you have yourself the indisputable champion of Risk clones on the App Store.

Thank you appVersity!

So, what's in store? Check out our development page to keep current; otherwise, here's a run down of what we're working on at the moment:
  • Improved "human factor" to help ease new players in to the game. Improved info-graphics and in-game tips for new players that will take the edge off the learning curve. When? Next update.
  • Push games! When? Very possibly in the next update.
  • HD (iPad) version. When? Soon.
  • More game customization. When? Soon.
  • More maps. When? Soon.
Please bear with us as we'd like to see these features just as much as anyone!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Big News! Generals - Apple Approved and Released!

Generals, the epic multiplayer game of strategy and world conquest for the iPhone and iPod Touch has been approved by Apple and is working its way onto the App Store as I type this. When its finished propagating through the App Store servers you'll be able check it out by clicking here!

$2.99 to begin but it won't be long before we release some cool upgrades and raise it to cool $4.99 (note: upgrades will be free for those who buy now and for the foreseeable future). That said, it's a bargain for a single and multiplayer game of this calibre and a competitive price point given your options (Lux DLX @ $4.99; vConqr @ $3.99; Conquest @ $1.99 -- note that none of these games offer a multiplayer experience!). We encourage you to check out your options and most of all, to give us a try!

Where are we going from here?
Don't think we're done developing. Ideas abound at Cyrillian Studios and we plan to make the most of the opportunities we see before us. We've given Generals a fair amount of effort and are proud of what we have to offer; still, we think we have a lot of potential.

Most importantly we realize that our development efforts have reached a sort of "critical mass"; with a strong designbase on both the client and the server, we see explosive opportunities for a better game experience. More modes, maps, etc... here's an example of what's brewing:

Push Notification Games!
Push games are our top development priority at this time. Imagine being able to play 20 games at once with the luxury of being notified when it's your turn by a push notification (this would work much the same way as email and facebook message notifications with a the number of games awaiting your attention appearing in the top right-hand corner of the Generals icon).

For a good idea of what we're aiming to accomplish you can check out Words with Friends. Although this game is a completely separate genre, we really like its Push Notification implementation and expect to make Generals Push notification just as slick and easy-to-use!

Press Release
Click here to view our official Press Release.

Happy Gaming!