Sunday, April 11, 2010

Going Public: Introducing Generals for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Going Public!

Do you like the classic board game Risk, the game of strategic conquest? If so then we have some good news!

After approximately six months in the making Cyrillian Studios is glad to announce the lastest iPhone strategy game about to hit the Apple App Store: Generals.

Generals is our turn-based masterpiece strategy game coded in tribute to the classic board game we all know and love.

Do you enjoy Lux DLX, Lux Touch, vConqr or Conquest? We do... but what about multiplayer? What about extended features or game modes? With a lot of ideas in mind Cyrillian Studios set out to create our own unique and feature-filled game.

Soon to be released, Generals will be the first internet (WiFi/3G) multiplayer game of its kind for the iPhone/iPod touch.

To learn more, please see our post on Touch Arcade:

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Next step: we'll be sending out a call for Beta Testers! If you would like to participate please follow us on Twitter or browse any of the above links.


  1. Hello
    I wanted to know if the game offered different missions such as eliminating another player, winning a number of land, or conquer the entire land of several continents.

  2. Hi Marc-Olivier,

    We would definitely would like to implement this kind of functionality but it won't be available until a future update.

    Generals will launch with the classic world domination game play mode but we plan on adding several online modes shortly after launch.

    The beauty of our online architecture is that it enables us to add almost any type of game mode without having to push out an app update to the client.

    I hope that answers your question!

  3. How about a cheat reporting area??

    I watched a guy cash 3 times in a row, without taking over anyones cards.
    And then cash again the next turn.
    Both myself and other player immediately left arena because it was so obviously not right.

    Also future feature? Somewhere I can keep a list of players or some way to block specific players..? Something.. I can't remember all the time when dealing with cheaters or just bad players.. Doesn't have to be public, but at least a way to exclude who I suspected of cheating, or who use dick tactics, like playing with a second account (friend or second iphone) next to them.
    I like fair games, and would prefer to play each person on equal terms, not 2 vs 1..

    Its already frustrating that I can't say anything to bad players, or cheaters.
    So it would be nice to at least block them.